The EaterTrack is a wearable device that keeps track of how you eat. It consists of a headband, which detects chewing, and a necklace, which detects swallowing. The EaterTrack collects and stores this information to determine how much you are eating.


  • Attach sensor to an accessory, begin eating and get your results! 


  • Device does all the work for you!


  • Take it with you wherever you go!

What Our Customers say

I think the EaterTrack is a great idea! As a professional athlete, I always struggle with counting my calories and end up giving up because it is simply too much work so I love a device that can do it for me!

Cole Picchiottino

I've always wanted something that can help me keep track of what I am eating. Especially when I am watching a movie and I don't even realize how much popcorn I've had. Thanks EaterTrack!

Brittany Jordan