Alden is an undergraduate Electrical Engineering student at UC Irvine. Alden’s previous work experience involved designing car data loggers for Garrett Integrated Automotive Corporation. He is DietTech’s team lead and responsible for the EaterTrack software and hardware design. In his free time, Alden enjoys weightlifting and attending music festivals.

Amanda is an undergraduate Biomedical Engineering Pre-Med student at UC Irvine. Amanda has designed heart rate monitor and EKG prototypes that give her experience in data analytics for the EaterTrack. To stay active she swims and enjoys backpacking in the Sierras.

Judith is an undergraduate Biomedical Engineering student at UC Irvine. Judith has had experience in a variety of research laboratory environments. She is in charge of the mechanical and packaging design of the EaterTrack for the DietTech team. Beyond the academic setting you will find her staying active on the Ultimate Frisbee field and the basketball courts!

Noely is an undergraduate Materials Science and Engineering student at UC Irvine. Noely has worked with materials testing equipment and has a wide background in public speaking and presentation. For this project, she is in charge of public relations and project management. Noely enjoys running, swimming and meeting new people.

Tyler is an undergraduate Biomedical Engineering student at UC Irvine. Tyler has work experience in the medical device industry in R&D, quality control, quality systems, and other departments. He is in charge of quality control for the EaterTrack In his free time, Tyler enjoys running, playing sports, and making music

Dr, Kurt Tamaru M.D., M.B.A.
Industry Mentor

Dr. Michelle Khine, PhD.
Faculty Mentor