The EaterTrack is a novel automatic, easy to use device that keeps track of your eating habits. It is modular and non invasive. The EaterTrack is a first of its kind. Refer to this link for further details

The EaterTrack device has two components: the headband and necklace. Each component should be worn firmly and tightly on your skin in the temporal region of the head and the throat region respectively for best results. 

Currently, no but in the future we hope to implement bluetooth technology in order to pair the EaterTrack 2.0 with a smartphone/smartwatch in order to get results sent directly to the palm of your hand.   

The EaterTrack is intended for anyone with health or fitness goals. Whether you are trying to lose weight, gain weight or remain at your current weight, the EaterTrack is made for you!

Yes, the EaterTrack is portable meaning that you can take it to dinner dates, brunch and every other meal!

The EaterTrack can be bought through